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Daily Skin Care Tips

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and it needs plenty of attention to stay healthy. When it becomes discolored, rougher, is producing acne, or shows signs of Read More

Skin Care and the Sun: FAQs

The sun may feel good on your skin, and it may perk you up, especially after a long stretch of not-so-nice weather. However, it's not your skin's friend. Fortunately, with Read More

The Importance of Skin Care

The treatments offered by  Dr. Lynn Anderson and Dr. Kristen Rice at Midtown Dermatology in Tulsa, OK, are vital for an optimal skin care routine. What are Skin Care Treatments? Skin Care Read More

Starting A Skin Care Routine

Healthy skin starts with the proper skincare routine.  Are you caring for your skin properly? While you may be doing all the things you think are healthy and great for your Read More

Skin Care Starts at Home

Many people don't realize that their skin is an organ, it is actually the largest organ in the body and, as such, needs to be well cared for. Healthy skin is Read More

Creating a Skin Care Routine

Blemishes and breakouts are more likely to occur if you have a haphazard approach to skincare. Establishing a daily skincare routine and visiting your Tulsa, OK, dermatologists, Dr. Lynn Anderson Read More

Viewing 1 - 6 out of 6 posts
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