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Wart Treatment

Wart Treatment at Midtown Dermatology

Warts are common growths, that can develop on the skin of individuals at any age. They are caused by many different strains of human papilloma virus (HPV). While generally not a health concern, they can persist for years and are contagious, therefore can spread to other places on your skin or to other people with whom you are in close contact. Sometimes your immune system will target the wart virus and clear warts without any treatment intervention.  However, warts often persist, and expert evaluation and treatment may be necessary. At Midtown Dermatology, we specialize in treating warts that don't go away on their own.

Different Types of Warts Include: Common Warts: Often found on fingers and hands, these rough bumps are a common occurrence.

  • Foot (Plantar) Warts: These cluster on the soles of feet, sometimes causing pain.
  • Flat Warts: Smaller and flatter, they can appear anywhere on the body, commonly the face.
  • Filiform Warts: Develop on fingers, with thread-like projections that spread swiftly.
  • Genital Warts: Result from certain HPV strains and require specialized care to prevent spread from one individual to another and possible cancerous transformation.

Knowing When to Seek Professional Help: There are many options for wart treatment available over the counter. Any wart treatment can take weeks to months to see efficacy. Consider professional care if:

  • Over the counter treatment fails
  • Warts are painful, growing or spreading
  • They hinder daily activities
  • Your immune system is weakened

Expert Diagnosis and Treatment at Midtown Dermatology: Diagnosis often involves a visual exam, with additional methods like biopsy or removal of the top layer in specific cases.  Warts often require several treatment sessions, weeks apart. At Midtown Dermatology, we offer advanced treatments:

  • Cryotherapy: Freezing warts with liquid nitrogen
  • Topical Treatments: Application of specialized acids
  • Intra Legional Immunotherapy: Candida antigen injections

Expert Evaluation and Treatment: At Midtown Dermatology, we understand the impact of persistent warts on your well-being. Our expertise in diagnosing and treating various types of warts ensures you receive personalized care to regain healthy skin. Contact us today to address your wart concerns and explore effective treatment options

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