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Understanding Nail Abnormalities

Understanding Nail Abnormalities at Midtown Dermatology

Nails, often seen as decorative, play a more significant role in our daily lives than we realize. Beyond aesthetics, they have stories to tell about our health. Unsightly nail abnormalities can signify vitamin and mineral deficiencies, infections, or underlying illnesses.

Identifying Nail Abnormalities: Your nails, formed from keratin like hair, grow from a hidden matrix beneath the cuticle. Understanding their structure can shed light on abnormalities:

  • Cuticle: The fleshy covering where nail meets skin.
  • Lunula: The pale half-moon shape between cuticle and nail plate.
  • Nail Plate: The main part of the nail.
  • Nail Bed: Supports the entire nail.
  • Nail Folds: The edges of the nail.

Underlying Causes: Nail abnormalities are often symptoms of underlying issues. A variety of things can cause nails to appear abnormal, such as underlying medical conditions, skin conditions that affect nails, infections of the nails, growths under or near the nail, cancer development under the nail, or injury involving the nail.

Seek Professional Guidance: If you are experiencing nail abnormalities please contact our team at Midtown Dermatology, for an evaluation.

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