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Skin Care in Tulsa, OK

General Skin Care Tips In Tulsa, OK

If you want clear and healthy skin, you need to put in a little bit of effort. General skin care is vital to keeping the skin free of bacteria and dirt buildup, which can cause blemishes. Our staff can recommend a variety of skin car tips pertaining to your specific needs. You can call our Tulsa, OK office or schedule a consultation. Here are a number of skin care tips you should follow on daily basis.

Wash Away Dirt and Grime

Skin Care in Tulsa, OK

You don’t need to scrub your skin countless times a day to keep dirt and grime away—it may cause an overproduction of oil, leading to more breakouts. When washing the face, you must remember these simple rules:

  • Wash once or twice a day
  • Use cool water to rinse face
  • Exfoliate once or twice a week (more than that can strip the skin of essential oils)
  • Pat skin dry with a clean cloth

Remember: The skin around the eyes is sensitive. Use a gentle eye makeup remover and moisturizer to keep skin around the eye clean and moisturized. This will help with combating fine lines.

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen—the skin’s ultimate weapon. It doesn’t just reduce the risk of skin cancer. Sunscreen also creates a barrier that protects against sun damage that can cause fine lines and wrinkles. These are two benefits men and women can’t argue with.

Daily Moisturizer for the Skin

You get thirsty, right? Well, so does your skin. Well-hydrated skin is healthy skin, and besides drinking the recommended eight glasses of water, there is an additional way to hydrate skin—it’s moisturizer.

  • Moisturizer does a lot for the skin:
  • Lock in water
  • Helps skin cells repair
  • Promotes faster cell turnover
  • Refreshes the skin

Drink Up: H2O and Its Benefits

Did you know dehydration causes the skin to appear lackluster and dry? This can highlight fine lines and wrinkles, which is why staying hydrated is essential for skin. With a proper skin care regimen, your skin will feel invigorated and brighter. But to get the full benefits of skin care products and tactics, you need to know what’s best for your skin type. 

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