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The appearance of unwanted fullness under the chin can impact your facial youth and beauty, making you appear heavier or more aged than you are. A sculpted jawline and slim neck are common elements of traditional beauty. Kybella is an effective treatment method for the double chin and is available at Midtown Dermatology.

Kybella was developed to eliminate the cost and lengthy recovery time associated with surgery. This FDA-approved method of eliminating excessive fat under the chin is effective, permanent and safe to use.

  • How Does It Work? Kybella has deoxycholic acid as its primary ingredient, which is essentially an artificial stomach acid. Injecting it into the fatty pad under the chin causes the fat to quickly start breaking down. Once these fat cells disappear, they are gone for good. This means there is no need for repeat treatments once the desired goal is reached. Patients usually need 1-3 sessions to reach their desired goal.
  • What Happens to The Fat Cells? The broken-down fat processes through your body’s lymph system. As it gets washed away, your jawline and neck will begin to have a more slimmed appearance.
  • Will Kybella Work for Me? There are numerous reasons that you may be experiencing a double chin. It can happen due to aging, it can be genetic in nature, or it may be a stubborn last patch of fat after weight loss. Kybella can address all of these concerns quickly and simply. Those who want their double chin gone, but want to avoid surgery, are perfect candidates for treatment with Kybella.

The best way to know if this treatment option is right for you is to contact our team at Midtown Dermatology to schedule a consultation. During your visit, our team at Midtown Dermatology will develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

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