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Eczema Treatment

Eczema Treatment at Midtown Dermatology

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a chronic skin condition that commonly affects infants and children. However, it can persist into adulthood and vary in severity. While some individuals experience improvement or remission, others face chronic dryness and irritation. Adult eczema may exhibit fluctuating flareups, often intense when they occur.

Understanding Eczema and How We Can Help: Although the exact cause of eczema remains unknown despite extensive research, certain individuals lacking crucial proteins responsible for a healthy skin barrier are prone to it. This sensitivity makes their skin more susceptible to irritants and infections from fungi, viruses, or bacteria.

Recognizing Eczema Symptoms: If you're experiencing eczema, you might notice:

  • Itchy or dry skin preceding rash appearance
  • Raw, red blisters that weep fluid or crust over, often due to scratching
  • Thickened patches from chronic scratching

Genetics, Environment, and Triggers: Eczema is not contagious but influenced by genetics and environmental factors. It's more common in children of parents with allergies or asthma. Food allergies are prevalent in around 1 in 3 children with eczema. Dry climates and urban areas increase its likelihood. Identifying and avoiding triggers like soaps, fragrances, fabrics, pet dander, stress, and allergens can help manage eczema.

Diagnostic Process: During your visit, our team will evaluate your symptoms and medical history, perform skin tests, and closely examine your skin. While eczema has no cure, this process helps determine the right approach for long-term symptom control.

Schedule a Consultation: Living with eczema can be challenging, impacting social interactions and sleep quality. By understanding your triggers, you can mitigate its effects on your life. Reach out to our office to arrange a consultation. We are dedicated to providing relief from eczema symptoms and improving your quality of life.

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