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By Midtown Dermatology
December 29, 2014
Category: Dermatology
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Your dermatologist recommends ways to effectively combat your dry skin.

With the winter weather fast approaching and meteorologists already talking about snow, it’s time to prepare yourself for the blast of Dry Skincold air for the next few months. This harsh seasonal weather is not only tough on our spirits but also on our skin, as well. And if you are already dealing with dry skin pretty regularly then you’ll want to take extra measures to ensure that your skin stays radiant all year long. Here are some ways to combat your dry skin during the winter and throughout the year.

  1. Some like it warm: Nothing sounds more soothing than a hot shower or bath after a long day of work, particularly when the outside is threatening subzero temperatures; however, before you turn on that faucet, consider your skin. Hot water strips the body of essential moisture and can exacerbate dry skin. Don’t make your condition worse. Instead, opt for warm showers or baths and then apply a moisturizer immediately after.
  2. Moisturizer is your friend: It can often feel like we are adding too much to our daily skin care regime; however, the one thing you should never skimp on each day is moisturizer. If you have severely dry skin, give your skin a little extra nourishment by opting for a thicker, richer facial cream at night before bed.
  3. Know when to shave: You may already be well aware, but shaving can cause skin irritation. Also when you shave you remove your body’s natural oils, which can cause dry skin. Therefore the best time to shave your skin is after you shower. Never skip the shaving cream and shave in the direction that the hair is growing to keep skin irritation to a minimum. Also, always use a sharp razor blade, as a dull one can cause even more discomfort.
  4. Sunscreen: It might sound odd but you should be wearing sunscreen everyday, even during the winter. Opt for sunscreen that is SPF 30 and protects against both UVA and UVB rays.
  5. Surround yourself with moisture: When we turn on the heat in our homes it certainly keeps us cozy; however, the dry heat can do a number on our skin. If this is a concern, us a humidifier in your bedroom to add some moisture back into your room during the colder months.

If your dry skin has the best of you, call our Tulsa dermatologist office today to schedule an appointment. Let’s find you a treatment plan that gives you the healthy skin you want.

By Lynn Anderson, M.D., FAAD
December 24, 2014
Category: Dermatology
Tags: skin care  

Your Tulsa dermatologist offers up advice for maintaining healthy skin.

While washing your face may just seem like one of the many parts of your daily ritual, it doesn’t mean it should fall by the wayside. Routine tasks can often become so routine that you don’t put in the effort needed. You may be washing your face, but you might not be doing an efficient enough job to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. With the winter weather becoming frightful, it’s particularly important to pay attention to these three skin care tips from your Tulsa dermatologist.

Always use sun protection

It might be hard to think about sun protection when the sun is going down earlier and earlier these days; however, even in the winter you need to be protecting your skin against the rays of the sun. Sun protection is one of the best ways to protect your skin from problems such as age spots, wrinkles and skin cancer.

  • Use a sunscreen with at least SPF15 that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Avoid the sun between 10am and 2 pm when the sun’s rays can be the most damaging.
  • Opt for tightly woven clothes and hats that can give your skin some extra protection against the sun.
  • Be sure to reapply sunscreen often if you plan to participate in outdoor winter activities like snowboarding.

Be gentle on your skin

We put a lot of stress on our skin with our daily rituals; however, to avoid dry skin, flare-ups and wrinkles we recommend giving your skin a little TLC.

  • Keep bath and shower water warm but not hot. This is particularly important in the winter months when the hot water compounded with winter winds can cause severe dryness.
  • Stay away from harsh detergents, cleansers and soaps and opt for mild cleansers that won’t strip your skin of the oil it needs.
  • After showering or bathing always pat your skin dry, never rub. This will ensure that the moisture remains on your skin afterwards.

Eat for your skin

A healthy diet won’t just make you feel better but it will also help you look better. Opting for a diet that is full of lean protein, fruits and vegetables. While the link between diet and skin isn’t exactly clear, research does recommend getting your daily dose of vitamin C and reducing processed and refined carbs from your diet to help keep skin looking young.

If you notice any problems with your skin, give your Tulsa dermatologist a call. Cold, dry weather can wreak havoc and exacerbate certain skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. Call us today to schedule an appointment.