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The Importance of Proper Skin Care

Is skin care an afterthought in your busy life? It is for many people. In fact, according to a 2017 CeraVe survey, 54 percent of men and women report that they go to bed without washing their faces, and 52 percent admit that they use bath soap or hand wash instead of facial cleanser. Unfortunately, failing to take good care of your skin can cause a few problems. Tulsa, OK, dermatologist Dr. Lynn Anderson helps her patients find effective skin care regimens and provides treatments that help them look their best.

Why is good skin care so important?

Your skin offers a protective covering for nearly even millimeter of your body. Without it, you'd probably experience many more illnesses and look a little strange. If your skin is dry or in poor condition, even the slightest pressure can cause a scratch or break that can allow germs to enter your body. Taking good care of your skin can reduce the risk of infections and disease while also helping you maintain a more youthful experience.

A crucial part of good skin care involves protecting your skin from the from the harmful effects of the strong Tulsa sun by wearing sunscreen every day. If you frequently tan or burn, you'll raise your risk of developing potentially deadly skin cancer and also hasten the visible signs of aging.

What can I do to protect my skin?

Fortunately, it's easier to keep your skin in good condition if you do these things:

  • Wash your face morning and night with a gentle facial cleanser. Bath soap and hand wash aren't designed to cleanse your face and can dry your sensitive skin. The harsh soaps can even worsen certain facial conditions, such as rosacea and acne.
  • Improve your diet. What you eat and drink affects your skin, the largest organ in your body. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water will help keep your skin in good condition.
  • Use the appropriate products. Everyone else in your household may have dry skin, but that doesn't mean you do. If you actually have oily skin, using products that provide extra moisture and lubrication may make you more prone to developing acne or other skin conditions. It's best to use a product specifically designed for your skin type.

Concerned? Call today!

If your acne doesn't clear up despite months or weeks of over-the-counter treatment, you spot a change in a mole, or if you're simply unhappy with your sallow complexion, your Tulsa, OK, dermatologist can offer effective treatments. Call Dr. Anderson at (918) 728-3100 to schedule an appointment to discuss your skin care needs!

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