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Protect your skin this wrestling season

It's common knowledge that the dry winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin, but did you know that certain sports, particularly wrestling, can do significant damage to your skin as well? With all of the skin-to-skin and skin-to-mat contact that happens during a match, wrestling is an easy way to get a particularly bad skin infection or rash. wrestling

Thankfully, there are several ways to protect your skin this wrestling season so you can avoid unnecessary trips to your Tulsa, OK dermatologist. Here are five precautions Lynn A. Anderson, MD, FAAD of Midtown Dermatology recommends.

1. Trim Your Nails

Long nails are not only dangerous during a wrestling match, but they are also a common breeding ground for the bacteria that can get trapped under them. Make sure you keep them trimmed to avoid needing to make an extra trip to your Tulsa, OK dermatologist for treatment.

2. Cover Your Wounds

Bacteria isn't generally harmful until it gets into your body. Prevent this from happening by covering any scrapes, cuts or sores you have. Don't use a flimsy bandage that is likely to fall off, either. You want a sturdy bandage that will keep you protected no matter what position you're in.

3. Shower Immediately

Once the match is done, be sure to shower as soon as possible. This way, any germs you come in contact with will be washed off before they have a chance to get into your body , to spread to your family and friends, or to spread onto all of your belongings.

4. Clean Your Gear and Equipment Regularly

You remember to clean your wrestling clothes after a match; how often do you clean your gear or equipment as well? Items such as head gear, lace covers and gym bags can all provide a good breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned regularly.

5. Protect Your Shoes

Are you in the habit of using the restroom before you head out to a wrestling match? If you wear the same shoes in the restroom that you wear on the mat, you are likely bringing tons of germs to the mat with you. Keep the mat clean by waiting to put your wrestling shoes on until you're ready to wrestle.

Wrestling is a great way to spend your time and stay in shape over the long, cold winter months, but that doesn't mean you should sacrifice your skin to play. Use these five tips from your trusted Tulsa, OK dermatologist to keep your skin clean and healthy all winter long.

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