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Fighting Acne With Vigilant Skin Care

Learn some helpful techniques for vanishing acne once and for all.

Once we say goodbye to puberty we often hope that we will also be saying goodbye to acne. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. AcneFind out some ways to combat acne on your own and ways your Tulsa dermatologist Dr. Lynn Anderson can also help you get clearer skin.

What causes acne?

There is a multitude of reasons why acne might be showing up on your skin later in life. This includes everything from changes in hormones (e.g. menopause) to taking certain medications (e.g. corticosteroids; anti-seizure medications). Your Tulsa dermatologist Dr. Anderson would be happy to sit down with you and discuss what could be at the root of your acne problems.

How can I care for my skin to prevent acne?

You must clean your skin each day. This is the most important rule to always follow. While clean skin is a must, don’t wash your face more than twice a day, otherwise you risk stripping your skin of the oils it actually needs. Here are some other ways to properly cleanse your skin:

  • When using water, always opt for cool or warm water. Hot water can dry out and irritate your skin.
  • Never rub your skin dry after washing. Always pat.
  • Either use your hands or a soft washcloth to wash and rinse your skin each day.

You can opt for certain types of cleansers and creams that contain acne-fighting agents. Look for products that contain ingredients like retinoid, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, which all actively fight acne. However, be aware that these ingredients can be rather drying for the skin. If you find that these products are too aggressive or are causing sensitivity and redness, talk to your Tulsa dermatologist Dr. Anderson about the proper skin care regime to help you combat acne.

If you still find acne to loom after you’ve followed these tips and changed your skin care regime, then it’s time to consider other options like prescription medications like birth control pills or even laser acne treatments. While you may also find yourself tempted to pop your pimples, this can lead to scarring. Instead, let your Tulsa dermatologist Dr. Anderson treat your acne safely. Call Midtown Dermatology today to schedule an appointment and let’s fight acne together.

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