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What To Expect for Botox Treatment

Our skin is left out for the elements to ravage and must put up with everything we do. All the time in the sun, each puff of a cigarette, and every joyous expression make its mark. Creams and lotions can help keep skin hydrated, but can only do so much to reverse lines. Dr. Lynn Anderson, Dr. Kristen Rice, and Dr. Jacqueline Guidry of Midtown Dermatology, serving the Tulsa, OK area, would like to help people know what to expect for Botox® treatments.

What is Botox®?

Botox® may sometimes be referred to as a toxic substance because it technically is: Clostridium botulinum, the bacteria that leads to botulinum. Botox® works by inducing paralysis to select muscles for a particular result. Most often, these are done to the brow muscles which do the work creating forehead lines. 

Botox® And Its Many Uses

Though Botox® is famous for improving age lines, laugh and smile lines, and crow’s feet, it is now recognized to be used for medical purposes.

Examples of this can include being used to reduce sweating by injecting any overactive sweat glands. Controlled doses are now being used to treat uncontrollable muscle contractions, keeping unwanted flexes minimum. Botox® has even been proven effective in treating migraines and overactive bladders.

What To Expect With Botox®

Avoid consuming blood thinners (such as alcohol) the day prior to receiving Botox®. This helps to minimize bruising and redness in the injection areas. It is possible for there to be pain, redness, bruising, or swelling in the injection areas. Depending on the procedure, targeted pain relievers might be an option. Botox® is usually handled inpatient, with no overnight hospital stay.

Botox® will not show results right away - it usually takes two to four days for the results to show. The effects will last anywhere from four to six months.

If you have questions about Botox® and what it can do to improve your life, contact Dr. Anderson, Dr. Rice, and Dr. Guidry of doctors of Midtown Dermatology, of Tulsa, OK, at (918) 728-3100 to schedule a consultation today.

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