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Options for Adult Acne Treatment

There are many myths surrounding acne and acne treatment, one of the most unfortunate ones is that acne is a problem limited to teenagers. It is not uncommon to suffer from acne breakouts into adulthood, and although there are factors that are out of your control when it comes to acne, it is often treatable. If you are searching for acne treatment you have options, some of which will be outlined below, but you can learn much more by reaching out directly to Dr. Lynn Anderson, Dr. Kristen Rice, and Dr. Jacqueline Guidry of Midtown Dermatology in Tulsa, OK.


If you are struggling with adult acne or endured it when you were younger you were likely exposed to myths regarding its treatment. Acne is not caused by improper hygiene, so while washing your face is important soap alone cannot prevent breakouts. Although diet can have some effect on your overall health and appearance, there is currently no direct scientific link between foods like chocolate or pizza and acne breakouts.

Causes of Adult Acne

Adult acne, and any type of acne, is typically influenced by hormonal changes, which can make it more common among women during periods, pregnancy, and menopause.

Stress is another leading cause of adult acne as your body can produce a certain type of hormone that affects your oil glands and hair follicles, which can lead to acne.

A family history of adult acne can also put you at greater risk of developing it yourself.

Some medications can cause acne as a side effect, so if you are concerned and worry that your breakouts may be caused by something you are taking then talk to your doctor about possible alternatives, but don't stop taking any prescribed medication without first seeking a consultation.

Skin and hair products may also contribute to adult acne, so it's important to examine closely the products you use and consult with your dermatologist to find out if they're safe.

Acne Treatment in Tulsa, OK

You may have some success with over-the-counter acne medication, especially with milder symptoms, but just as with any product you apply to your skin you should find out if it's safe from your dermatologist. If you've not had success on your own treating acne then it may be time to seek help from your local skin experts who offer a wide variety of treatments that can be tailored to your own needs.

If you are looking for professional acne treatment in Tulsa, OK, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Anderson, Dr. Rice, and Dr. Guidry of Midtown Dermatology by dialing (918) 728-3100.

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