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The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

How laser hair removal from your dermatologists in Tulsa, OK, can help you look your best

Waxing and plucking unwanted hair can be unpleasant. Unfortunately, waxing and plucking don’t remove hair permanently. Before you know it, the hair grows back. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a hair removal option that removes unwanted hair forever? Well, now it’s here. The answer is laser hair removal, available from your dermatologist.

Dr. Lynn Anderson and Dr. Kristen Rice at Midtown Dermatology in Tulsa, OK, offer comprehensive skincare treatments, including laser hair removal to help you look your best.

Unwanted hair can be embarrassing. It can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance and can lower your self-esteem. Unwanted hair can occur all over your body including your:

  • Chin and upper lip
  • Face and sideburns
  • Underarms and legs
  • Back and bikini line

Unlike electrolysis which can only handle small areas of your body, Laser hair removal can remove hair from both small and large sections of your body, saving you time and stress.

Laser hair removal works differently from other hair removal treatments. The laser works by heating the hair follicle, which destroys it. Once the hair follicle is destroyed, the hair won’t grow back.

When you choose laser hair removal, you will enjoy important benefits like these:

Increased comfort, because the laser only targets the hair follicle, not the surrounding skin.

Quick treatment, because small sections only require between 2 and 5 minutes; underarms can require 5 to 15 minutes, bikini lines require about 30 minutes, and legs or back can require 60 to 90 minutes.

Great results, because small and large sections of your body can all be done in one treatment.

You don’t have to feel embarrassed by unwanted hair when help is just a phone call away. To find out more about laser hair removal and other skin care services, call Dr. Lynn Anderson and Dr. Kristen Rice of Midtown Dermatology in Tulsa, OK, at (918) 728-3100. Call today!

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