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Discover The Benefits Of Botox

Do you want to look young? BOTOX treatment can take decades off your face. BOTOX is a drug that is injected into muscles to reduce the signs of aging and treat certain medical conditions. Led by Dr. Lynn Anderson, Midtown Dermatology offers Botox Cosmetic their Tulsa, OK office. Here are 5 fantastic benefits of BOTOX.

1. It can erase your wrinkles. Physicians have been using BOTOX for many years to treat fine lines and wrinkles. BOTOX shots block signals from the nerves to the muscles. The muscles can't contract. That makes the wrinkles relax and soften. Many people who get BOTOX injections experience a flawless complexion without the need for surgery.

2. It can remove your smile lines. Smile lines — also known as nasolabial folds — are fine lines that develop around the sides of your mouth. While smile lines are an inevitable fact of life, you can help reduce their appearance to keep your skin looking youthful. BOTOX treatment can smooth away your smile lines. The procedure will improve your appearance with minimal to no downtime.

3. It can make crow's feet disappear. You can eliminate crow's feet with BOTOX treatment. Crow’s feet are wrinkles etched in the corners of the eyes. BOTOX is injected directly into the wrinkles to improve the appearance of your skin. You'll start to see the results from the procedure within a couple of days. The results will last up to 6 months.

4. It will rejuvenate your skin. BOTOX treatment is an excellent adjunct for facial rejuvenation. BOTOX shots should be considered in addition to resurfacing, laser therapy, chemical peels, and skin care to improve the appearance of the face. BOTOX injections will make your skin more elastic and youthful. It will rejuvenate and tighten your skin to help you look and feel years younger.

5. It can give you a thinner face. You can lose weight in your face with BOTOX treatment. Millions of people are turning to BOTOX to slim their faces. When injected into the lower cheeks of each side of the face, BOTOX can give you a thinner, younger-looking face. Consult with your dermatologist in Tulsa, OK, if you want to reduce the signs of aging.

Ready for an anti-aging makeover? If you want to look younger than your age, call Midtown Dermatology at (918) 728-3100 right now to schedule a BOTOX consultation in Tulsa, OK. With BOTOX treatment, you will look and feel fabulous!

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